Marketing Advice for SMEs

Quick Guide to Marketing – What is it?

  OK! So, let’s not waste any time. Someone has asked me what I do for businesses and they don’t want a long answer – a quick guide to marketing, if you like.     This has happened recently, so here goes. My quick guide to marketing starts here. The Chartered Institute of Marketing defines..

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Whatever happened to Common Sense in Marketing?

  Common sense marketing appears to have packed its bags, with marketers being distracted by every new shiny bauble that swims into view. Will common sense marketing make a comeback?         Marketers are tribal creatures. They walk together, talk together and spend their time fretting about being left behind. When new ideas..

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Start-ups – Getting marketing right from the start

  I have been involved in a number of start-ups and I know just how easy it can be to get it wrong. And the business will carry those mistakes with it for a long time.     I was once involved in a business that had been established a few years before I came..

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Marketing Consultant – Why use them?

  Small businesses can take advantages that a marketing consultant can bring by controlling commitment and costs     I know what it is like to run a small business. I am the Managing Director and the Marketing Director of a small engineering company. I know just how difficult it can be to control costs..

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Is Social Media right for my business?

It seems that everyone has a presence on Social Media. But is it right for your business or is it a waste of time?       A few years ago, every marketer from Timbuktu to Narnia was flogging social media as the future of business engagement with their customers and prospects. Your business was going..

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What do you do about a website?

For many small companies, the commission of a website can be an ordeal. Here, I share my thoughts on making the task easier.       Firstly, ignore those adverts that claim to make the whole thing easy. These hosting and template sites are more than likely going to raise your temperature than serve your..

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About JMC

James is a marketing & business development consultant working to develop small businesses along the M4 corridor including Reading, Newbury, Swindon and surrounding towns in Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire.


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