Ethical Marketing

Why values matter

Marketing is often perceived to lack integrity and can clash with the values that many business owners hold dear.

However, there are good reasons why you should market your business in an ethical and sustainable way.

Ethical marketing provides the following benefits for small businesses:

  1. It increases your income
  2. It attracts new customers
  3. It retains existing customers
  4. It develops new products and new markets
  5. It streamlines your time, effort and processes

So, what about the counter-arguments? And why are some Marketing Consultants not up to the job?

Flash Dan

Some marketers feel comfortable being less than honest

They like to dazzle you, and your customers, with marketing jargon that hides more than it reveals.

They are into every new fad which can eat into your time, money and resources.

Is it any wonder that marketing is one of the least trusted professions?

In one survey, only 4% of the public believed that the marketing industry behaves with integrity. But marketing should not seek to deceive the public. For those business owners who appreciate honest, straight-talking, ethical and sustainable marketing, there are marketing consultants who share your values.


Can a small business afford a Marketer?

Is this not just a way to burn money?

I have enough business expenses to worry about.

Surely, if my product or service is great, it will market itself?

'Great products are only great if people have heard of them. That requires carefully targeted, cost-effective marketing. As the Managing Director of an engineering company, I know the necessity of spending only what is necessary and I understand that good marketing is always an investment and not an expense.'

Your business deserves better

Marketing works. If it didn't, people wouldn't bother.

Marketing, done properly, is an investment. And like any investment, you have the right to expect a good return for your time, effort and money.

I do things differently.

  • I offer a free initial consultation - thereafter, my participation is totally flexible and exactly as you design it
  • I get to know your business and your objectives - and possibly offer ideas you hadn't thought of
  • I can develop realistic and cost-effective strategies to supercharge your business
  • I am experienced in marketing planning, branding, budgeting, content writing, collateral production & worldwide trade show organisation


Marketing Strategy and Development of your Business.

  • Implementation of effective CRM systems that serve you rather than the other way around
  • Development of overseas distribution networks (UKTI, overseas trade missions, distributor vetting and appointments)
  • Account management practices
  • Micro-business accounts, cash flow, planning, ISO accreditation, Health & Safety
  • I work with expert associates in graphic design, website development and business software application development

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About JMC

James is a marketing & business development consultant working to develop small businesses along the M4 corridor including Reading, Newbury, Swindon and surrounding towns in Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire.


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