Quick Guide to Marketing - What is it?


OK! So, let’s not waste any time. Someone has asked me what I do for businesses and they don’t want a long answer – a quick guide to marketing, if you like.
quick guide to marketing
This has happened recently, so here goes. My quick guide to marketing starts here. The Chartered Institute of Marketing defines marketing as ‘the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements, profitably.’ So, let’s unpick that really quickly.
It’s about processes, what you do and how you do it. It focusses on what your customers need, not what works best for you. It’s also about making money – a profit – otherwise it’s a waste of time. As a marketer, I look at the environment in which the business operates. I concern myself with the market, the suppliers, the customers and what the competitors are up to.
I find a way of delivering the service or product that customers want, that the competition can’t provide in the same way (competitive advantage) and communicate this to customers, wherever they are, in the most cost-effective way possible. I devise a marketing strategy that identifies who the customers are, what they are like, what they want, and how best to target them. I identify a ‘position’ in the market that separates the client out from its competitors. I create a message that the customer needs to hear and I ensure that it is delivered in an effective way, using the most appropriate channels.
If that works, then the marketing will deliver a tidy profit. I do so in a cost-effective manner, so that the client sees a healthy return on their investment. I ensure that the company becomes associated in the customer’s mind with certain values (branding), so that they will come back to shop again. I keep an eye of everything that might affect that relationship and makes sure that customers remain happy.
What’s more, it works. If it didn’t, people wouldn’t bother. And that is my quick guide to marketing. If you want to learn more, read about what I do here, or contact me here. Fini!


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James is a marketing & business development consultant working to develop small businesses along the M4 corridor including Reading, Newbury, Swindon and surrounding towns in Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire.


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